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Floating Mountain
This name represents our location, on the island of Hawaii (also known as The Big Island). Rising from the ocean floor, it is the top of the world's tallest (not highest) mountain. From a distance, the island appears to float on the
surface of the water.

Barbara and Robert Klein own and operate Floating Mountain.
You're invited to find out more about us at the Aikido of Hilo website.
If you are looking for Kneelons, our premier product,
we recommend that you use Google and search "kneelons".

Several other companies sell this product online.
We still think they're the best knee pads for aikido
and other martial arts.
We are sorry to say  that
Floating Mountain has closed.

We thank all our past customers
for many years of loyalty.
Please continue to train diligently!

Should you wish to contact us for any reason, please visit the
Aikido of Hilo website.

Aloha-  Barbara & Bob Klein